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Our team is a group of professionals devoted to the idea of fighting disinformation in media and on the Internet. In addition to the people below, our team consists of a group of volunteers as well as permanent experts, with whom we regularly cooperate.

  • Karol Orzeł

    Karol Orzeł Editor-in-chief & Founder

    The founder, creator of fakenews.pl and funder of the Foundation "We Counteract Disinformation". Professionally, he deals with Internet security and programming. Privately, he is a social activist, passionate of the Internet. A long-time volunteer of the Foundation "Dom w Łodzi", volunteer of the year 2015 of the Lodz Voivodeship. One of the winners of the "Kolory Wolontariatu" contest in 2015. Email: kontakt(at)fakenews.pl

  • Michał Pawela Chief Analyst

    Analyst working with with open source intelligence and conducting information analysis in the international security. Involved in projects on disinformation, political extremism and information warfare. Leading the department for analyzing and combating disinformation and propaganda. Email: mpawela(at)fakenews.pl

  • Mateusz Zadroga Editor

    A graduate of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. He graduated in history with a specialization in the Khmelnytsky Uprising and general military history. He is a social activist, he worked for several non-governmental organizations helping abandoned and orphaned children. He is a member of Fakenews team from December 2020. In private, his passion is music, he is also interested in the history of transport, new technologies and astronomy. Email: mzadroga(at)fakenews.pl

  • Katarzyna Lipka Editor

    By education she is a biologist with a special passion for genetics. After hours, a pro-animal activist. A strong advocate of science - lenses or learning are more discerning for her than feeling and faith. In private, she is interested in forensic science. She used her investigative instincts in a detective agency, where she was working during her studies. She draws her energy from contact with wildlife. Email: klipka(at)fakenews.pl

  • Paweł Cymbor Editor

    A graduate of Telecommunications and Electronics at the Wrocław University of Technology. Professionally, he works with 5G technology. Interests: travel, non-fiction literature and oriental cuisine. Allergic to language errors. An urban activist. Email: pcymbor(at)fakenews.pl

  • Marcin Żółtowski Editor

    PhD student at the Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Gdańsk. His research interests oscillate around the sociology of psychiatry and mental disorders, social relations of the power and the sociology of excluded and marginalized groups. An activist and educator on human rights. A lover of contemporary and experimental music, collects albums released on strange and forgotten media. Dog dad.

  • Aleksandra Tomczak Editor

    A student of graphic design, rediscovering her passion for learning and exploring the world. Since she was a kid, she has been fascinated by urban legends. In her free time, she makes linocuts, bakes cakes and reads far too much about series, which she never intends to watch.

  • Sebastian Wojcieszko Editor

    Sebastian Wojcieszko - A graduate in history at the University of Warsaw. Professionally associated with museology. A great enthusiast of science, reason and the scientific method. He is interested in history, philosophy, literature, astrophysics and astronomy, new technologies, military. Follower of facts and truth, even if uncomfortable.