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Damon Imani did not insult Klaus Schwab during the Davos conference

Damon Imani did not insult Klaus Schwab during the Davos conference

In recent days, Damon Imani has been enjoying great interest among conspiracy theorists. This is a result of an alleged speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF). A video circulating online shows Imani attacking Klaus Schwab with vulgar words during the conference. In fact, we are dealing with satire and the video is just a clever montage.

Damon Imani verbally attacked Klaus Schwab during in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
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Even though the film may seem like a montage at first glance, many people believed in its authenticity. Posts referring to this topic first appeared on English groups and websites distributing conspiracy theories. They were then reproduced by users of the Polish Internet, including on Telegram or X. Jerzy Zięba shared a post about it on Facebook, implying that the clip was authentic. Numerous comments under posts about Imani’s performance show that hundreds of people believed that the video was real.

Damon Imani and his video

In the video we see Damon Imani speaking at the WEF conference in the presence of Klaus Schwab. After briefly thanking him for the opportunity to speak, he begins to attack those gathered in the room with strong words.

[Censored] you, Klaus Schwab, and [Censored] your New World Order. We the People were born free, we will stay free, and you and your globalist friends, including everyone in this room, can go [Censored] yourself.

At the same time, we can see the reaction of Klaus Schwab and the audience. The editing, as well as the specific camera movements indicate that this is a montage. The creator simply pasted his silhouette onto the recordings from the conference in Davos. Alleged audience reactions were partially added and partially excised from actual footage from this year’s WEF. The author himself confirmed that on his profile on X.

Damon Imani nie obrażał Klausa Schwaba w Davos
Source: x.com

Damon Imani is an Iranian satirist and creator. His activity is based on commenting on current events (primarily political) through satirical videos. Some of them involve Imani pasting his critical commentary into recordings of television programs and conferences. The satirist often amplifies conspiracy theories through his own statements and by spreading recordings of Alex Jones or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. His views are largely consistent with the American alt-right.

Conspiracy theorists consider Klaus Schwab and the WEF he founded to be their main enemies. They are often accused of sinister activities and implementing the New World Order (NWO). We discussed these topics in our articles, for instance here or here.


Damon Imani’s video is a satire and critical commentary on Klaus Schwab and the WEF. The author edited it in such a way to make it seem that he was speaking during the conference in Davos. Of course, he was never there, although many people believed in the authenticity of the recording. Due to the fact that Imani himself repeats conspiracy theories, he enjoys great trust among their supporters. As always, you should approach videos circulating online with extreme caution.


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