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No, Poland will not detain military-aged Ukrainians

No, Poland will not detain military-aged Ukrainians

On June 17, pro-Russian channel Mash on Telegram has published a post with documents suggesting that as a result of the Polish and Ukrainian authorities’ agreement, Ukrainian male citizens aged 18 to 60 avoiding military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are to be detained in the territory of our country. On the same day, official denials were issued by the offices of both countries.

Mash o sfałszowanych dokumentach
Źródło: Souurce/Mash

Poland will detain Ukrainian citizens who avoid military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russian disinformation
The post on Mash account gained over 600,000 views. Photos of the documents were also shared on Facebook – i.a. by the councilor of the Radom district – Cezary Nobis.

The editors of the uainkrakow.pl portal called Viacheslav Voinarovskyi, Consul General of Ukraine in Krakow, who assured that the information provided on social media was false and the documents falsified.

In Poland, this Russian fake news was denied by the Government Centre for Security.

RCB o fałszywych dokumentach
Źródło: Twitter/RCB


Russian propaganda is trying to harm Polish-Ukrainian relations in multiple ways. This is not the first time Russians have falsified official documents in order to cause social unrest. It is worth noting that just recently, in May 2022, a fake news was reproduced by media saying that General Staff of the Polish Army issued an order, which allegedly mobilized an airborne battalion.


uainkrakow.pl: https://uainkrakow.pl/ukrayinsykh-cholovikiv-ne-vidpravlyatymut-z-polshchi-na-viynu-prymusovo

RCB: https://twitter.com/RCB_RP/status/1537788674754191360


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